I'm Rai, a yoga teacher. I prefer not to talk extensively about myself, but if you've booked my class, or are considering it, you should know what to expect!

In 2021, I dedicated a year to studying under one of Portugal’s finest instructors, completing a Yoga Alliance Certified 200-hour program in Ericeira, along with other significant courses related to yoga anatomy and the energetic body. I teach yoga classes in Europe, offering both online and in-person classes. My primary focus is on Vinyasa and Yin yoga, with an emphasis on body opening to create space for energy flow and to release stagnant energy and emotional baggage that we don’t want to carry

Before my journey into yoga, I felt lost both mentally and physically, struggling to find a motivating self-care routine. However, the discovery of breath work, meditation, yoga asanas, and philosophical aspects transformed my life. These practices not only reignited my self-motivation but also inspired me to become a yoga teacher, now my livelihood.

Prior to finding my passion for teaching, I navigated various career paths, leading to anxiety and depression. I couldn't identify what truly ignited my spirit or my purpose. Yoga played a significant role in helping me. Through tools like meditation, I reconnected with my inner self and reconciled with long-suppressed dreams. I recognized how I had strayed from my authentic aspirations by following others' paths, not my own.

Today, my purpose and mission are crystal clear. I serve as a bridge, connecting beautiful souls and fostering exceptional experiences in my classes and retreats. I empower individuals facing challenges to discover ease, purpose, and joy in life through yoga techniques rooted in science. 



2023 - ongoing Journey to Handstand certificate, Yoga Alliance Certified YTT program with Yogarenew.

2023 Sound healing course for yoga teachers, Yoga Alliance Certified YTT program with Yogarenew.

2023 Kids Yoga - ages 2-17, Yoga Alliance Certified YTT program with Jessica Fleming.

2023 Yoga for kids training with Sara J. Weis founder of ,,Go Go yoga’’.

2022 - 2023 Anatomy of Yoga Series, Yoga Alliance Certified 30-hour YTT program.

2022 Yin yoga, Yoga Alliance Certified YTT program with Jessica Fleming.

2021 Pregnancy yoga Yoga Alliance Certified YTT program with Jessica Fleming.

2021 - 2022 one year study Yoga Alliance Certified 200-hour YTT program with Rita Cachaço & Joana Cadete.


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